Schade Hill Public Policy Pain Champion Award

The Schade Hill Public Policy Award is an annual award created by the Texas Pain Society to recognize the outstanding work of an individual or group of individuals who have helped make positive changes in the world of pain medicine. This award -- presented to an individual each year during the TPS Annual Meeting -- is inspired by the countless hours that Drs. C.M. Schade and Stratton Hill dedicated to the Texas Pain Society to help craft the pain medicine laws that govern Texas today. 


 2023 Schade Hill ‐ Public Policy Pain Champion Award Winner

Stefanie Turner 

Stefanie created Texas Against Fentanyl, a 501c3nonprofit, after she lost her 19 year-old son, Tucker Roe, to one illicit Percocet pill purchased from a peer on social media. After his passing, Stefanie immediately began sharing Tucker’s story to help prevent others from suffering the deadly effects of this dangerous drug that is devastating our communities.

Over this past legislative session, Stefanie was a key advocate and witness for several fentanyl related bills. She was with the Governor when he signed bills aimed at curbing the growing fentanyl crisis during the Fighting the Fentanyl Crisis Bill Signing at the Texas Capitol, June 14, 2023. The laws designate October as Fentanyl Poisoning Awareness Month, require schools to provide education on fentanyl abuse prevention, allow HHSC to partner with Texas college campuses to distribute Narcan and make it clear that people who cause death by distributing fentanyl can be prosecuted for murder. 

She also co-hosted Governor Abbott's One Pill Kills Summit, which brought together Texas families, law enforcement, state officials, education leaders, healthcare professionals, and other fentanyl advocates for meaningful conversations to raise awareness about this deadly crisis, educate the public on the dangers of how one pill kills, and discuss solutions to save more lives. During the summit, the Governor and TXAF Founder Turner moderated three one-hour panel discussions with various leaders in the fight against fentanyl, highlighting the work Texas has done to address the growing national fentanyl crisis and discussing strategies and legislation to strengthen Texas' response to the crisis.

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