TPS Advocacy Day

Pain physicians from across the state met at the Capitol in Austin, in order to spread awareness of pain medicine topics to policymakers in Texas.

On March 23, Texas Pain Society members traveled from all over the state to meet with legislators and discuss issues relevant to pain medicine. 

The participants were:

tps members at the texas capitol

The Capitol visits included:

tps members with texas rep. oliverson

Some of the important initiatives discussed were:

  • education on THC and best practices for Texas, learned from other states (which will be a focus during this week’s CME webinar)

  • opioid-related deaths due to illegally manufactured fentanyl

  • emoji hip sheets, as younger people are purchasing illegal drugs on social media with emojis

  • the legalization of fentanyl testing strips

  • the funding of integration of the Prescription Monitoring Program with EHRs 

  • over-the-counter Naloxone approved by the FDA 

Those wanting to learn more can find copies of the day’s materials under the TPS member-only section of the website. Be sure to register for our upcoming continuing medical education events, as well, and follow us on LinkedIn/Twitter for regular society and industry updates. 

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